New York Fashion Week 18


Finally home from NYFW and you guys I am not happy about it!! I want to go back and I’m already ready to start planning for next year. This trip just refreshed me as a blogger and got me excited about blogging again, which was much needed. I’ve been so absent from this space and really needed a kick in the booty to get it together. If only I felt the same way about unpacking my clothes from NYFW lol.

When @humanlyus asked Amanda and I earlier this year if we wanted to go to NYFW, I jumped on the opportunity! I’ve never been to New York and to get to go for the first time during fashion week just seemed like an obvious decision. Looking back I am so glad I said yes because it was beyond worth it! I went with some of my fav blogger babes @amandasok @humalyus @courtneybuechle! I totally recommend getting a group together that are in the same space as you and try to go to shows and everything together. I wouldn’t consider myself and awkward person but I don’t like mingling events alone or traveling alone. Something most might not know about me unless we’ve traveled together is that I suck with directions so I’m really thankful Amanda was so on top of things and so great with navigating us!  


Day 1

Our first day in New York was seriously my fav!! It made up for our terrible travel experience on Thursday!! If you missed all of my stories we flew out of OKC and into Chicago only to find out that our flight, along with everyone else who flew southwest that day was canceled due to “air traffic control”! Which is the biggest eye roll since every other airline was flying into NYC. They also only offered us $14 meal vouchers which was ridiculous!! Shout out to @mollyann for sending us $15 each for a drink! It’s sad when a friend sends you more money than a corporation! So anywho we flew into Philly rented a car and drove our booties all the way to New York in the middle of the night. This was an experience I will never forget and pray never happens again bc I had the worst anxiety!!  

Flashing forward Friday was a blast and we got to attend our first fashion event with @katespade and @samsung! Where we got to hear the new Kate Spade director of design and new CEO talk about the up and coming spring collection and all of the changes we should expect from the brand moving forward! I also got to take a picture with the new CEO and creative director for Kate spade!

Pic or it didn’t happen right? lol

Pic or it didn’t happen right? lol


The new “spade”

The new “spade”

Friday evening we went to our first fashion show for the Afffair and it was such a blast! I’ve gone to some local fashion shows and watched them on tv but obvi way better in person! After the show we headed off to Dinner at Catch NYC! If you make a trip to NYC this is for sure a place you have to eat at. We ate a several trendy spots and this was by far the best food! During dinner we all put our phones in the middle of the table face down and went around telling our highs and lows for the day. Seriously we did this every night and I now want to implement it into my day to day life. We spent so much time on our phones during the day it was just so nice getting to take a moment and really be in the moment. Prob one of my fav parts of the trip. 

After dinner we headed to Times Square and honestly it wasn’t what I expected and kind of reminded me of Vegas... not a fan. Also by then my feet were dying!!! If you didn’t catch my story I was sent @kttape to use for blister prevention and I swear it’s the only reason I left New York blister free! That stuff is just so amazing! Honestly day 1 was such a blast and everything a girl could dream of!!  



Day 2  

We decided to get up early to get some outfit pics which of course was half a disaster because of the rain but also turned out to be some of my favorite photos!! We got to attend Kendra Scott’s grand opening which was seriously so fun they had “coffee and clothes” there making the cutest drinks and we got to look around and shop the new store! If you visit it’s a must see for sure! I mean it’s two stories!!!

Day 2 outfit-    Skirt   |    Top   |    Boots   |

Day 2 outfit- Skirt| Top| Boots|

shop mine and @courtneybuechle outfits    here

shop mine and @courtneybuechle outfits here

One of my highs for the day was purchasing my brand new Louis Vuitton crossbody! I’ve been wanting one forever and I had saved enough so that was so fun for me!

Jumpsuit from @vicidolls    jumpsuit   |   Similar version    and also featuring my new LV

Jumpsuit from @vicidolls jumpsuit|Similar version and also featuring my new LV

After shopping we went to Top of the Rock for pics which was the one thing I was truely looking forward to this whole trip and of course it was pouring rain! Luckily our Photog @hannahpiercephotography was an absolute rockstar and these photos turned out amazing!! 

shop our outfits    here

shop our outfits here

Day 3  

We basically got rained out which meant no Brooklyn bridge photos but we ended up shooting at the Flat Iron district and got some of the best bagels ever!! After that we went shopping in the upper east side mainly “window shopping” bc hi New York is expensive AF I mean I spent $700 on Lyfts and food.... In 3 days...... yeaaaa.....  

shop our outfits    here

shop our outfits here


Overall this trip was probably one of the best trips I’ve ever taken and will truely cherish these moments forever. This has been a dream of mine every since I wasn’t little and to be able to go and to go with such inspriring ladies made if that much better! Now off to plan next years NYFW!!!

Also if you are wanting a fun recap of our trip I made a little video!!  

What to wear to a summer wedding


So after doing an IG poll and asking what you wanted me to blog about. I got a lot of you asking for a life update and tips on what to wear to a summer wedding soooo why not do both!?

Life Update

So cleary you guys have noticed I have been MIA lately and a lot of that has to do with how busy I am with my photography business @awphotographyinc. I am not complaining because I truly do have a passion for capturing the love in others plus I just really love photography. So lately I have been focusing on that and trying to market and build that business. So I am sorry that I have neglected my blog but I am working on fixing that! 

I’m super excited because I am getting to attend fashion week in New york this year with a few of my blogger besties and I CAN NOT WAIT. Like seriously if you are over people posting about New York and fashion week you might want to unfollow me that week.. lol jk don't do that haha. I'll keep my fan girl moments to a minimum. I’ve never been to New York but I’m going with a traveling pro @amandasok so I’m sure she will have a whole itinerary for us, which I can appreciate. I suck at traveling alone and try not to when possible so I’m glad we’re going together along with @courtneybuechle and @totalqueenmove.

My Husband also booked us a trip to the Dominican Republic a week after I get back from New York! So to say I am excited for September is putting it lightly. I feel like I need that break and I am going to soak it up while I can. Why I decided to take on two side gigs and work a full time job is beyond me lol.

I've got a lot of blog ideas coming your way so I promise to not neglect you guys anymore!! If you are wanting to hear more from me or have a blog topic you want me to cover let me know! So without further ado here is my take on what to wear to a summer wedding. 

What to wear to a summer wedding

me and my hubby at a friends wedding. 

me and my hubby at a friends wedding. 

So with me being a wedding photographer and all, I attend a lot of weddings and have seen it ALLLL! So I want to give the 411 on what to wear this summer to your besties wedding! With that being said if you are even considering wearing white.. abort mission!! Like don't even do it!! Idc how cute that white jumpsuit is or how pretty that all white lace shift dress is. Just save it for literally any other time lol. When choosing what to wear I try to find light and airy materials because outside weddings with no air conditioning is a thing apparently and it gets hot AF!! SO if you want to get down on the dance floor and not sweat all of you hair and makeup away choose your material wisely. I try to stick with light thin cotton that has some shape to it and flows in the wind.

Also I figured instead of doing long boring explanations that no one is going to read I am going to just give you photos and link them so its easy to click and buy. I know thats what you're here for anyways so you're welcome. 

Festival style


Anyone else get major fomo from all of the Coachella photos these past 2 weeks? Yea, same here! Seriously though I am going next year so if any of you friends want to go with let me know and lets plan something! So while stuck in Oklahoma in true #nochella fashion, I decided to put together a few festival inspired looks for this summer. A lot of these looks can be worn on a normal spring or summer day as well. 

While thinking of festival attire I want to look for items that can be transitioned into a normal day and then add accessories to bring the outfit to life. I do this because well clothes get expensive and I hate buying clothes that I cant wear again. For example above the two piece skirt and crop top is super cute alone and could be worn with sandals and a denim jacket. To give it that festival feel paired it with a wide brim hat, round glasses, and this chunky necklace that is from @baublebar last year and is no longer available. I found a similar one and linked it below.

When deciding on a festival look that’s complicated major key items for a festival look would be; a denim jacket, florals, round frames, a wide brim hat, and glitter!

I have linked some of my favorite looks below as well as my outfit above.