30 before 30

Top  Here , Shoes  here , Jeans  here , similar  here , rings  here , bralette  here , lips  here

Top Here, Shoes here, Jeans here, similar here, rings here, bralette here, lips here


Since my birthday was yesterday July 13th I thought it would be fun to do a round up of 30 things I want to accomplish or do before I turn 30. I only have 3 more years sooo I should probably get busy! 

1. Travel Europe. 

2. Go inside a real castle.

3. Go to Mexico (doing this next month). 

4. Go to NYFW.

5. Go to Cali and take pics with the L.A.'s Urban Lights At LACMA.

6.  Take a girls trip ( Maybe to NYFW!).

7. Go to a weekend long Music Festival.

8. Surf in the ocean.

9. Ride in a hot air balloon.

10. Buy a house.

11. Go camping (or glamping).

13. Ride an Elephant.

14. Go on a Cruise.

15. Take a cooking class.

16. Take a Picture in front of the L.A. Angel wings.

17. Start a family.

18. Buy a homeless person a hot meal.

19. Save more money.

20. Go paddle boarding.

21. Visit Seattle.

22. Grow my blog into a business.

23. Adopt a Golden Doodle.

24. Go to a Chris Young concert.

25. Visit Bali.

26. Skinny dip in the ocean.

27. Shoot a proposal at an airport.

28. Plan a big dinner party for my friends.

29. Get my fortune read.

30. Make a 40 before 40 list.