The perfect day to night dress

Day time look


Night time look!


Day time look

When I saw this dress at Dillard’s and on sale I got so excited!! I already knew this would be so perfect for days when you have an event right after work and don’t have time to go home and change! The dress comes with this sheer blouse and gives off major retro vibes! The dress is velvety which is huge this season and I am all about it! I love That this dress isn’t super heavy and I love how it flows when you walk. The bell sleeves and the high neck on the blouse are seriously my favorite! 

Night time look

For the night I took off the sheer blouse and booties and opted for this leather jacket and cute Steve Madden heels! It’s a fast and easy transition that I litterally did on this side walk (no shame). I love that this dress went from retro chic to ultra glam in seriously 2min! So for those of you looking for a holiday dress that you could transition from work to party time this dress is perfect for that.