Top 5 summer Trends


Oklahoma weather changes day by day so you never really know what you are going to get. Today it is suppose to be in the high 90's, so I thought it was the perfect time to talk summer trends!

1. Off the shoulder tops/ dresses

Off the shoulder tops/dresses are seriously everywhere this season. It makes me so sad they aren't exactly work appropriate because at this point they are basically all I want to wear.  I love them paired with a high waisted short or a dress paired with a strappy sandal.


2. Distressed everything

I never thought I would see the day when denim skirts came back but here we are! I really need to stop throwing things out because I once  owned so many denim skirts. This season is all about the distressed look so whether it's a distressed denim skirt or a shredded top you can not go wrong with anything distressed this season!


3. Block Heels

I love this trend!!! I am 5'9 and I have very flat feet which means stilettos kill my feet. The block heel distributes weight evenly and makes walking in them very comfortable compared to the stiletto. So for those of us that wear heels daily to work this is everything! 


4. Two piece matchy sets

This brought me back to my 6 year old self where everything had to match or I didn't want to wear it lol. Well matchy outfits are no longer just for 6 year olds, now everyone is wearing them. I love the off the shoulder crop tops paired with shorts or pants. 


5. One Piece Swimsuits 

YAASSSSS!!!!!! The fashion gods have answered! I am all about a cute one piece! If I could just burn all of my skimpy two piece swimsuits I would! I love that one pieces are no longer ugly and frowned upon they have definitely modernized and look so cute on all body types.

Outfit details linked here! Also you can save 10% on these shades by using code Ashleyw10  

Outfit details linked here! Also you can save 10% on these shades by using code Ashleyw10