How to rock 70's trends in 2017

Shop my outfit  HERE!

Shop my outfit HERE!

Side note; Who else is obsessed with pumpkins, PSL's, and all things fall? Anyone? Everyone? Okay good! Moving on. 

Finally getting to sit down and talk to you guys about fashion and 1970s fashion has got me all excited! You guys these past two weeks have seriously been chaotic to say the least. I would like to go back to the day that I decided to start a blog, a photography business, and work full time and have someone shake me. Like it's starting to become overwhelming to say the least! I clearly need to get a planner and sit down and get more organized so if any of my friends have recommendations on cute planners holly atcha girl lol. How do I find time to shop when I have so much stuff on my plate? Well, I consider it one of my better skills in life.. my husband would consider it a vice of mine lol. Luckily he's not home to see my wide array of packages on the daily. 

I've found myself leaning a lot towards sued, velvets, wide leg pants, block heel boots, bell sleeve shirts. Basically someone just transport me to the 70's and I think I'll be just fine (clothing wise, like I couldn't survive without google maps... directionally challenged here). One of the biggest trends this fall has been the adaption of a majority of the 1970s trends. I searched vintage 70’s fashion on Pinterest and it was basically everything that is in style now. We clearly haven’t even modernized it much! They say all fashion cycles back around and I totally believe this! My favorite piece that I’ve bought is this brown sued jacket! The only problem is finding shoes that are the same brown or a shoe that complements the color. Which currently has been black, thats the only color that I can stand seeing next to the jacket... mixing neutrals is not my thing and it kind of erks me.

I paired this jacket with a green jump suit from Dillards and some super cute black Steve Madden booties that I got from the @evereve grand opening! These booties have been a go to for me lately! They go with basically everything and can be dressed up or down. The heel is just big enough that I can rock these all day without my feet falling off. The jumpsuit runs a smidge small so size up! It is tapered at the ankles so us tall ladies can get away with the fact that it's not quite long enough. Also the fact that my boots are ankle booties helped! My necklace is from Nordstrom rack so I couldn't find a link for you guys (I know I suck) Sorry for taunting you with how cute it is!

PS! Are we loving the extensions?? I am obsessed! I will probably do a complete review for you guys so stay tuned for that! Anyway talk soon guys! Have a great week!