Black and white sweater/ Life update


It’s been a hot second since I’ve blogged a life update and honestly with the holidays and traveling life has been kind of hectic! I keep seeing others blog about their goals for 2018 and honestly If I could ever get over this head cold I’ve had since coming back from Vegas I would get on that train. The motivation is just not there right now though! Don’t worry guys I’ll get it together! I  need to get a planner and sit down and really plan out 2018 so maybe that’s what I will do tonight!!

But a little preview for 2018!

I’ve got a lot of fun Collabs coming up and I’m so excited to share them with you! So stay tuned for that!! I am also doing a whole blog post about my ski trip to Keystone!! Also fun news! Me and the hubby are currently in the process of buying a house and I seriously could not be more excited!! Living in an apartment was fun for like 5 seconds but me and Stephen have way too much stuff and I cant deal any longer!!! I feel A lot of home decorating post coming for you guys in 2018!! I am also wanting to do more beauty post this year. Makeup has always been a passion for me and while fashion is so fun I feel like great hair and makeup compliment that! So anyways that’s what I’ve got for 2018 thus far hopefully I can get it together and start blogging more for you guys in 2018! 

On to my outfit!!

I have been eyeing this sweater since I saw it on Pinterest like forever ago! So when Nordstrom’s came out with it again I snagged it as soon as possible! It was on back order forever and is currently out of stock🙄! (This is what happens when you’re traveling and can’t get blog post up learn from me folks and don’t procrastinate lol) So as soon as it comes back out I’ll update you guys! These leggings are from express but they are last years model so I linked A very similar pair! I also Paired this look with my fav OTK black Steve Madden boots! It’s so hard for me to find otk boots that stay up on these skinny legs of mine but these totally do and they are so cute!! Since this sweater is currently sold out I have linked some of my other fav turtleneck sweaters for you guys and will update you when this one is back in stock! You can shop this look here!