Summer Wardrobe Essentials


Who else is sitting in bed binge watching their favorite show and ordering postmates? Me and my friend started watching the show "shooter" last night thinking it was a movie. We were like why is this movie only 40min?! Turns out it was a show and 7 episodes later we were totally hooked. I had every intention of getting up and getting brunch today and then I was like nope not today. Some days are brunch days others you just wanted to relax in bed all day and do absolutely nothing. So while I sit here waiting on my postmates to arrive I thought I would give you my thoughts on the perfect summer wardrobe and where to find these items! Happy Sunday guys

1. The perfect all white outfit

First off how cute is this jumpsuit from @laurasboutique?! I could buy everything in her shop it's seriously all so freaking cute! This jumpsuit was so cute and airy and would be the perfect brunch outfit as long as you didn't spill your bloody marry on it lol. The lace up back made it easy to tighten or loosen the top to fit any bust perfectly. I was extremely pleased at how long the pants were. I am 5'9 and mostly all leg so the fact that this dress was long enough for me I was thrilled, however, this is a medium and if you don't have long legs I can see you needing to get it altered.  

2. The perfect pair of Jean shorts

A summer staple that everyone should have in their closet. I personally think everyone needs a pair in black, blue, and white. You can dress a good pair of jean shorts up with a pair of block heels and a dressy top or down with sandals and a casual top.  I personally love the distressed look I think they are so cute and trendy. I will link some of my favorites below!

3. Sunnies

I mean this one is an obvious one. I think to protect your eyes from the blaring sun on a bright summer day the perfect pair of shades are a must.  I personally love a huge sunny to cover 90% of my face haha. The more coverage I have the less I squint which means less crowsfeet down the line. 


4. Summer Tote

Whether you are going to the pool or the beach you will need a summer tote. I love the over the top totes with tassels and fun colors! The bigger and brighter the better. We are going to mexico in August and I will definitely be bringing mine with me. I linked a few of my favs below. 


5. Swimsuit

RIP Victoria Secret swimt! I really don't understand why they got rid of their swim collection and I feel like most of America is with me on that. I've been on the search for the perfect bikini shop and two I have found are Goodnight Macaroon and SLC Swim. Goodnight Macaroon also runs 50% off sales on Tuesdays and Thursdays so you can usually get one half off. SLC Swim had so of the cutest afordable swim suites and the fact that you don't have to pay for the top and bottom sold me. I linked my favs below!  

6. Tanks

It's summer and I just can't be bothered with sleeves. I need a breathable cute and trendy top to pair with my jean shorts and I am good to go.  I love that with a cute tank you can pair it with a skinny jean and a blazer and it's perfect for work as well.


7. Sandals

Now that I've completely packed away my booties I am ready to move on to sandals! I love a good strappy sandal I like to invest in pairs that are well made well, because I want them to last more than one summer season. The only time this changes is if it's super trendy and I don't see the style sticking around. I've linked some of my favorite styles down below! 

8. Summer Dress

I feel like a summer dress is the equivalent of a good leggings. You just throw it on and you're good to go. They are perfect for any occasion during the summer whether its a Sunday brunch or a Saturday night out with your friends. I love dresses with tons of floral prints because they just scream summer time. I think all I've bought for my Mexico trips are summery dresses. So I need to get it together and branch out. 

9. Romper

Much like a summer dress a romper is the perfect outfit for any summer event.  Except that it's shorts and you can move around in it. With Oklahoma wind sometimes a dress is just not going to happen and in those cases I will opt for a romper. 

10. Hat

I am so excited to buy one of the babies to take with me to Mexico. I think I'll end up purchasing the "rose' all day" hat! It will make a picture perfect moment on the beach. I wish I could rock baseball caps but my ears tend to stick out and look ridiculous but for you babes that don't have my ears I think these hats are seriously adorable.