Tape in Extensions Review


Who here has ever got something done for a special event and then you were like yea never going back raise of hands?!! Yea, I truly believe lash extensions are the gate way drug to hair extensions and vice verse lol. I got lashes for Mexico and thought ohh I'll just get them filled once, then maybe just one more time.... now it is a full on addiction! That is how I feel about hair extensions right now lol. Once they are in there is really no going back. I mean you could but then I wouldn't have the long luxurious locks! So since I got an overwhelming amount of people asking me what I thought about my hair extensions I want to give you all the deets!! 

A little break down for you guys!

  • Cost; Around $600 depending on where you go and how many packs of hair you need! I got 2 1/2 packs!
  • Brand; Hotheads Tape in
  • Length; 18-20 inches
  • Location; Duncan Bros Salon
  • Stylist; Chelcie Robb

How long do they last?

The extensions can last up to a year depending on how well you take care of them! You will need to have them moved up every 3-4 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows.

Care Instructions;

I was told you need to wash your hair no more than 2-3 times a week and when you do you need a sulfate free shampoo! I got this one from Kerastase  you also can't apply conditioner to your roots anymore just mid shaft to ends! After I finish showering I towel dry my hair and apply this elixir  from Kerastase . You also have to completely blow dry your hair before bed or it's going to be a hot mess in the morning! I also braid the bottom of my hair before bed just to keep it from tangling up and causing breakage! Listen these are pricey and I want to get my moneys worth, which means I will handle with care! I also recommend getting a heat protectant! These babies are fragile and don't receive any oils like your natural hair does! So you will need to invest in a lot of good products! Kerastse is definitely my go to hair care system!

Who will these benefit?

I think anyone who has ever wanted extensions and has the time and energy to care for them I say go for it! I haven’t regretted mine at all! I love these because if you are someone with thin hair or thick hair, they can make them look like they grew out of your head! The blend is so seamless and perfect! 


Price point! Das expensivvvveeee but worth it!!;)

You can't just wash your hair and go! You have to put some effort in and make sure they are dry before bed.

I will say if you work out daily you might want to wait until winter for these since you can’t wash your hair daily! (Or invest in a really good dry shampoo!)

You can't run your fingers through your hair as much. I hate feeling the pieces of plastic when I run my fingers through my hair by my scalp. ( I will say you cannot feel the plastic when you sleep and I totally thought it would bother me! But it doesn't.)

Final thoughts!

If you have the time to care for them and the funds to keep up with them then go for it! Another great option if you are not 100% sure about Tape in extensions would be micro bead! My pretty friend Lauren is giving a full review on them over on her blog Fit Mommy In Heels! Hopefully between the two of us you can get a better idea which system works best for you!