Hair Secrets From A Hair Stylist


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For those of you that don't know I work for Duncan Bros Salon , so I get to be around some very talented phenomenal hairstylist! Like seriously, I wouldn't trust anyone else with my hair. With their advanced education classes and constant training they are seriously rockstars!! So I thought it would be fun for me to interview one of my very best friends and outstanding stylist @karidoeshair . Her talent and business savvy mind amazes me!! Kari is the Creative director for Duncan Bros Salon Penn. She has been in the industry for 15 years, and she has been on the Goldwell's education team for 5 years. So who better to spill the secrets on all things hair! 

So without further ado here we GO!!



1. How often should you have your haircut if you are trying to grow out your hair?

-Thats a tricky question. Everyones hair grows at different rates, but on average, you will get 1/4 inch to 1 inch per month. If the hair is in healthy condition, with little to no damage, I would say someone could go 8-10 weeks without needing a trim. However, if the hair is damaged, I would recommend getting it cut every 6 weeks, and I would recommend a regimen of Kerastase for them to use at home. Kerastase is absolutely  wonderful when it comes to giving strength to damaged, dry, brittle hair.

2. How do you make your color last longer?

- Getting the most durability out of your color service is actually quite simple. Use the shampoo and conditioner thats recommended for the line of color you have on your hair. Every “color safe” shampoo is not created equal. Every color company, makes products that go hand in hand with their hair color, and each one is ph balanced, so the client gets the most longevity possible.

3. Whats the best way to repair split ends?

- theres no magic recipe or secret ingredient for repairing split ends. If you have split ends, you need a haircut.

4. Why should you see a professional instead of using box dye?

- This question always makes me cringe, LOL! Just like we talked about earlier with shampoo, all color is not created equal. When it comes to box color, they use the cheapest ingredients, and many different types of dye molecules that are NOT made to be put on human hair. No wonder it doesn’t last very long, huh? Most of the dyes used in box color were actually made to be used on carpet or leather, but the worst ones are the metallic dyes. That type of dye molecule will trash your hair! Professional hair color is much different than box color starting with the ingredients. The color line that I use, Goldwell, is the only color company in the world, who has a patented technology that has the ability to improve the health of the hair up to 35% with each application!! Goldwell even has a lightener (bleach) that has the same technology! Its pretty remarkable, and is by far, the most versatile, and by far the prettiest color I’ve ever used!

5. Whats the difference between a cheap curling iron and an expensive one?

- There are tons of differences between the cheap irons and the professional ones, but one of the most important is the heating element. Cheap curling irons only have one heating element thats meant to heat the entire barrel of the iron, whereas the more expensive irons will have multiple heating elements, placed in different areas of the iron. This makes sure the iron is the same temperature all the way through. Theres also the clamp strength, cord length, ability to choose your temperature, and what the barrel is made of. (titanium or ceramic) Titanium is far better!

6. What are some top products you recommend for overly damaged hair?

- For damaged hair, my go to products are from Kerastase. Elixir Ultime is a must!!!! BEST. OIL. EVER!!!! The “Résistance” line is the best thing I’ve ever used! There are 2 different shampoos, 2 different conditioners, and 2 masks. The product choice would depend on the level of damage or what condition the hair is in. And the products… oh my gosh, I could go on and on about this forever! I absolutely love Ciment Thermique! Its a heat protectant lotion, that has the ability to penetrate the outer layer of the hair and start to repair each strand from the inside out! People often ask how you determine which products are right for you, and the answer is simple, go to a salon that carries the product, and ask someone to evaluate your hair. Kerastase is a treatment line, that takes training, and expertise to diagnose each clients needs. And no, you can’t buy it at Beauty Brands, Ulta, or anything like that. Kerastase chooses their salons carefully and very picky about who has their product. I believe less than 1%of salons are approved to have it in Oklahoma, but to get a more definite answer, you could refer to the Kerastase website.

7. Whats one thing you wish your clients understood?

- Realistic expectations, and that pinterest is full of fakes who use photoshop

8. How are people damaging their hair without realizing?

- Using the wrong products! Grocery store shampoo and conditioner are garbage. They are full of awful ingredients, many of which can’t even be pronounced. They buy cheap stuff, not realizing that its full of mineral oil and bees wax, and is about 90% water. They also don’t use heat protectant, and use hot tools on their hair everyday. Hair can only withstand heat of 220 degrees when its dry before it starts to become damaged… and think about how high the temperature goes on the majority of hot tools. I believe the highest I’ve seen is 450! Paper burns at 400, so I think its safe to say that EVERYONE who even uses a blow dryer could benefit from a heat protectant.

9. Why should you invest in a good shampoo/Conditioner

- Good shampoo and conditioner is a way to protect your investment! Not buying shampoo and conditioner from the salon you get your hair colored at is like buying a diesel truck, and putting unleaded gas in it. Every salon is more than likely going to sell the appropriate products that compliment the color line they use (just like i mentioned before). This is going to give you your moneys worth! And yes, buying from your salon matters! They are going to have new stock each week to make sure each client gets new, fresh, NOT EXPIRED product. But you can’t get that same guarantee from Ulta, Walmart, Target, etc.

10. Who is your biggest inspiration?

- I have tons of people I’ve looked up to over the years, but I honestly have to say my mom is my biggest inspiration. She’s been a hairstylist for 35years, and she’s still kicking butt at it! I always wanted to be just like her when I grew up, and even though we are very different, I hope I make her as proud of me as I am of her. Maybe someday I’ll be able to blow dry like she does (majority without a brush & still getting volume with just my fingers… haha!) She’s a hair magician.


11. Are hair extensions bad for your hair?

- Depends on what kind they are, and how well you take care of them. I prefer tape in extensions over bonded or beaded. The bonded extensions are hard to care for, take forever to apply, are crazy expensive, and have a tendency to get very tangled. The beaded ones slip out too easily, and also take forever to apply. Tape in extensions are much quicker to apply than the other two methods. I can usually have a full head applied within an hour at most. They don’t get tangled like the others, and can be reapplied 3-4 times if they have been well taken care of. I always give my clients a full list of do’s and dont’s to ensure they know what to do, and I also make sure they don’t leave the salon without the proper sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.


Kari specializes in color corrections and trend coloring techniques!

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