Erno Laszlo white marble brightening face mask review

Mixing both ingredients until it's a moosey texture  

Mixing both ingredients until it's a moosey texture  


After applying all over I realized this is definitely not one of those cute selfie masks lol. 


This is my before and after and the major difference I could see was that it calmed down a lot of the redness that I had and my skin definitely looked more radiant! 

I finally finished my box of masks that @Influenster sent me to review for free! So I thought it would be the perfect time to review the product for you guys!

While applying this mask I was very confused how this would dry and I would be able to peel off but it dries down to basically rubber! Also Pro tip make sure to apply A LOT!! It hurt to peel off on the places that had only a thin layer.

A little info; I have oily to normal skin and my skin is very sensitive. So basically everything breaks me out. I was pleasantly surprised when I didn't receive any irritation from this mask.

 After removing the mask I could definitely tell that my skin looked a little more radiant and it seemed to calm down any breakouts I had coming. I think it does what it says I also think it would be even more beneficial to someone with dry skin! 

It is a little on the pricey side it retails for $80 at Sephora but for my girls that love luxury skin care this is right up your ally!  

You can shop this mask on my "shop my insta page"