Sweater Weather


My favorite time of year is rapidly approaching and I could not be more excited. Do I love summer time, going to the pool, and vacations? Of course! But do I love 70' degree weather, football season, and sweaters... umm YES! I am pretty much over sweating my booty off every time I walk out the door. Like I could be having the best hair day, then I walk outside and the humidity makes me look a mess again and I'm over that. I'm ready for leggings, sweaters, scarves, and pumpkin spice lattes. I figured I would share a couple techniques on how I start to slowly transition my wardrobe from Summer to fall! Especially since you can get most of these items at a great discount with the Nordstrom sale going on now until August 6th! 

1. Peep toe booties

I love a good bootie especially paired with a dress and jean jacket! It's seriously the best transition piece!

2. Light sweaters

Like shown above a great transitional piece would be a light weight sweater! I love to pair them with shorts and booties.

3. Fall Bags

I have been eyeing a leopard print clutch for a hot second so you better believe I snatched that puppy up!

4. Jackets

It's normally to Hot in Oklahoma for Jackets like this in the fall but I don't mind letting it sit until its cold enough to wear here! Even though that will probably be in December....

5. Hats