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Some of my goals starting out this year were 1. Start a blog, 2. Travel more, 3. Create a successful side business, 4.Stick to a diet, and  5. Be more productive with my time. I think to achieve the majority of my goals time management is my focal point. I spent most of last year working, sleeping and planning a wedding and just repeating that daily. This year I'm not planning a wedding so I have a lot of extra time on my hands! My husband works 6/7 days a week and long hours so I have a lot of free time to sit around and do nothing or to be productive with my life. I realized at the beginning of this year I didn't want to waste this year of my life. We don't have kids yet and my husband puts in long hours to provide for us so why shouldn't I put in equal time. I knew I didn't want to do anything I considered work and I wanted it to be something I could do whenever forever. So I decided to start blogging and doing photography! So most days after work I am either blogging, taking pics for my blog, or taking pictures for couples/families. I feel I have a purpose and I feel excited for each week to come. I do have to catch myself sometimes and put down my phone, computer, and camera to relax and spend time with my husband when he's home. I love what I do but I know stephen deserves my attention for the few hours he does get to spend at home so I try to give that to him. How do you spend your extra time? Do you have any goals this year? Let me know down in the comments! 


What better way to help with time Management then a super cute watch?! I am in love with this modern wood watch from JORD Wood Watches! If you haven't checked them out they make men's watches, and women's watches and they are all so chic! The watch I'm wearing can be dressed up by adding extra gold bangles or down by wearing it alone and pairing it with shorts and a tank! You can shop my outfit here!


Now to what you have all been waiting for! I am teaming up with JORD Wood Watches for a giveaway, one lucky winner will be given a $100 credit to use on the JORD site! One person will win, but everyone that enters will receive a consolation code worth $25 to use on the JORD Site! 

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